MCM London Expo 2012

November 15, 2012 Kate Sykes 0 Comments

[Originally posted on the Official Tomb Raider Blog. Introduction to the post by Meagan Marie.]

While we weren’t able to make it out to MCM Expo/London Comic Con a few weeks back, the community was there in full force! Longtime Tomb Raider fan and cosplayer Kate Sykes agreed to share some thoughts and photos from her day at the show. Thanks Kate!

Kate Sykes @ MCM Expo:

"MCM was a great show. I got chance to try my hand at the Tomb Raider hunting demo on the Friday. It was the quietest day being a preview day, and so it was the best time go. I had seen parts the game previously through press releases and the preview at the Square Enix Europe offices last year, but it was great to finally have a go and experience it myself. I struggled a little with the controls and subsequently, didn’t get very far in the level, but it looked superb. The exterior of the demo area also provided a brilliant photo opportunity back-drop for cosplayers.

"Saturday was much busier with around 40,000 visitors. I got there mid-afternoon and entered a sea of people. Not particularly the easiest to drive through but it was a fantastic atmosphere. The Tomb Raider stand had a huge queue. Then on Sunday, it quieted down again and I had another chance to play the demo.

"I saw quite a few other Lara Croft cosplayers throughout the 3 days - aside from Rachel, Lisa, and Christina - most of whom in the Classic costume. I also saw one 2013 Lara there every day. I caught up with her on the Saturday to pose for a picture with her.

"Over all, it was a wonderful experience for me. It was my first convention and I’ve been doing cosplay for 5 years. It was a great opportunity to network and build up my confidence and skills in front of the camera throughout the weekend.”

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