Tomb Raider Suite - The Album!!!

June 21, 2017 Kate Sykes 0 Comments

One of two official artwork designs featuring Classic Lara!
Following the success of the 20th Anniversary live concert in London last Christmas, composer Nathan McCree has set out to record an album with a live orchestra at the one and only Abbey Road Studies but he can't do it without the help of the fans!

A Kickstarter campaign was recently launched and has so far raised £121,900 out of the final goal of £160,000. If you wish to donate, you can get your hands on some exclusive merchandise, a VIP invite to launch parties both in the UK and the US with Nathan himself and some special guests! Even a seat at Abbey Road to see the recording!

Found out more on the website.

The campaign has 3 days left and it's all or nothing so if you are unable to donate, please help spread the word.
Thank you!

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