Official Tomb Raider (2018) Film Trailer is Here!!!

September 20, 2017 Kate Sykes 1 Comments

Official poster featuring Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.
It's finally here!!!
The first footage of the upcoming Tomb Raider movie reboot starring a fierce and very athletic looking Alicia Vikander!

Late last night GMT, the leading lady appeared on The Late Late Show for the world premiere of the trailer which was very well received by the audience....oh and James Corden cosplayed Lara.

She also took part in IGN's special live stream in which she talked about her history with the Tomb Raider games, answered some fan questions and shared stories from the set.

Kate's Thoughts on the Trailer

As we see in the new silver screen Wonder Woman, times are changing for the better for female characters in film. Some think we no longer need characters like Bridget Jones. What we do need are strong, independent and sometimes, even, rebellious women to set a positive example for young girls and women world wide to challenge those segments of society and say "yes I can and I will".
I've not yet seen "Wonder Woman" myself but everything that I have seen about it gave me confidence that this is a female superhero film done right.
I feel the same about the new Tomb Raider trailer. This is a young woman with no superpowers nor a greek god for a father. She isn't a billionaress and doesn't have a private plane to take her where-ever she wants whenever she wants. She's a girl from London with a difficult past and uncertain future who just has her intellect and relentless fighting spirit to go after the things she wants. I guess that makes her a different kind of superhero.
What I also like the look of is that everything is so similar to the reboot games but they've gone one step further. Alicia's Lara already has the physicality and the personality from the classics that everyone associates with the character.
That brings me to my other point.
As someone who is passionate about the film industry, Alicia Vikander is an inspiration in her own right.
She literally threw herself into this role, building her body up through intense workouts in the months leading up to filming and then pushed herself to the limits by using her dance background to do almost all of the stunts herself!
Just take a look at this behind the scenes featurette...

I believe this is who Lara Croft needs to be now and I have a strong feeling that this could be the perfect Tomb Raider movie!

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1 comment:

  1. Very impressive trailer with, as you say, lots of nods to the rebooted game. While definitely based on the game it does seem to vary from it quite a bit, giving Lara a definite mission beyond staying alive (and keeping her friends alive) which was the basis the reboot. Talking of friends, I suspect a fair few people will be missing Sam.

    I think Alicia Vikander will do well in the role, she certainly seems to have been working bloomin' hard to prepare for it.

    Oh, and Kate, I can recommend the Wonder Woman. It's a very good movie, looks good, nice story, great characters and some very spectacular fight scenes. Although IMHO it stops short of being a great movie for a couple reasons. Gal Godot however is superb as WW.

    I think she'll be the on Alicia Vikander will be compared to . . . which in some ways would be a little unfair as Lara & WW are two very different characters, but I hope that Alicia does as good a job with Lara as Gal did with Wonder Woman.