Exclusive interview with Duncan Airlie James (Terry - Lara's Fight Trainer in Tomb Raider 2018)

March 15, 2018 Kate Sykes 1 Comments

In celebration of the new Tomb Raider movie launching today, we have something special to share with you.
After being introduced by a mutual friend, we had the pleasure of interviewing Duncan Airlie James - Scottish actor and martial artist who portrays Lara's fight trainer Terry in the movie.
Special shout-out to Nicolette McKeown for making this possible!
So, without further adieu...

TDD: How did you first hear about the project?
DAJ: The first I heard about the project was when my agent Peter sent me through info for the self tape audition that they were conducting. I did that, and like every other audition, it was submitted and I just "leave it behind". Whatever it happens to be. If it then "comes in" later, so to speak, then that's a bonus.
When I found out I had got the part, after I had done the second audition, with the lovely Suzie Figgis, the scenes I was doing for the film were when Lara C. is training in martial arts. My background in that I think helped with me being right for the role.

TDD: Where were your scenes filmed?
DAJ: Almost the entire film was shot in South Africa, but my scenes were in London!!
A fantastic few days.
Screenshot from some behind the scenes footage of Alicia Vikander (Lara Croft) and Duncan Airlie James (Terry) on set. CONTAINS SPOILERS. 

TDD: Can you tell us more about your martial arts background?
DAJ: Okay sure. Briefly, I was a multi World Thai and Kickboxing champion, and fought in K-1 in Japan, when K-1 was huge!!! I am possibly THE most well known globally Scottish kickboxer and fighter, although it is a few years ago now! Lol. My fight highlights are on my website!
I was also a pioneer of MMA in Scotland way back although I didn't really fight/compete in that.

TDD: What was Alicia Vikander like to work with?
DAJ: Alicia was a complete and total "wee gem", as we say in Scotland. Haha. I mean, immediately I had a great "vibe" of her being a total, serious, dedicated professional, who really wanted to do a great job!I mean in terms of being the best "fighter" she could be. It was an absolute and genuine delight working with her, and she truly looks the "real deal" in my humble opinion!
I'm old enough to be her dad for God's sake, and I learned a lot from just watching her consider her role, and how she was approaching things.
Lara (Alicia Vikander) spars with her MMA training partner in this official movie still. Copyright: Warner Bros. 
DAJ: A good few times, Alicia banged her shins against her training partner, and you could hear it!
I mean, the kind of thing I would do when I was bloody fighting!!! Lol. But, she pushed through the pain and kept focusing on wanting to/needing to get it right. A fantastic work approach and ethic. Of course, Roar [Uthaug], the director had a great say in how these scenes were done.

TDD: Lastly, how does it feel to be a part of such a huge franchise?
DAJ: Well it has been awesome! I mean, I am just a small role, work with someone of Alicia's level, and indeed ALL the cast and crew were truly excellent and a joy to work with, it was a great experience for me.
To be part of such a mammoth global "franchise" or story or whatever, is a great honour and I hope it does massively well at the box office.
EXCLUSIVE: Duncan Airle James (Terry) with Alicia Vikander (Lara Croft) on set of Tomb Raider 2018. NOT TO BE SHARED ANYWHERE ELSE.
EXCLUSIVE: Duncan Airle James (Terry) with Alicia Vikander (Lara Croft) on set of Tomb Raider 2018. NOT TO BE SHARED ANYWHERE ELSE.
Special thanks to Duncan for giving us this interview! Find more info on his website.

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  1. Fruitbat44 says:

    Cool little interview with some great behind the scenes stuff. Mr James sounds like a nice guy, but with no offence intended, he really looks like someone you DO NOT want to get on the wrong side of. Well done to TDD for getting the interview.