E3 2018 Re-Cap!

June 20, 2018 Kate Sykes 0 Comments

If you happened to miss anything from E3 last week, don't worry! We have a full re-cap for your viewing pleasure.
Before we get started though...Our initial suspicions that new Tomb Raider movie star, Alicia Vikander, got a sneak peak of Shadow of the Tomb Raider during her visit to Crystal Dynamics were correct!
If you caught the very end of the Q&A Periscope stream, you could hear someone mention "going to the gameplay room" next.
Ahead of E3, this short reaction video was released...

 Onto the weeks events...


The first story/gameplay trailer premiered at the Xbox conference featuring the song "Speak Loud" by Trills.
A few things to point out. First, the glimpse of Lara's new skills like wall running and stealth kills, an incredible but deadly looking puzzle which reminds us of Tomb Raider: Underworld and Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, first look at Demingez played by Carlos Leal. One of the most exciting parts for us though was seeing how Jonah will play an integral role in this game as we see a snipit of gameplay where Lara and Jonah work together to solve a puzzle.

An interview with Camilla Luddington (Lara Croft) and Darryl Purdy (Performance Director) was also released by ShackNews from the E3 press night.


A gameplay featurette with Daniel Chayer Bisson (Game Director) premiered live during the Square Enix Conference in which he talks about the new stealth mechanics.

Crystal Dynamics' Senior Community Manager, Meagan Marie, gave a live tour of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider booth with Jenn Croft (US official Lara Croft cosplay ambassador).

Nvidia GeForce released the first look at the 4K PC gameplay and you'll see part of the same demo we played at the London reveal event where Lara discovers the entrance to the first tomb.

Extended gameplay revealed on Playstation Live.


Rich Briggs (Brand Director) and Daniel Chayer Bisson (Game Director) came onto Square Enix Presents for a fan Q&A.


Fan Q&A and a survival "Would you rather? game with lead cast Camilla Luddington (Lara Croft) and Earl Baylon (Jonah Maiava) on Square Enix Presents. Some never before seen motion capture footage was also revealed.

A little later, they joined Darryl Purdy (Performance Director) on the E3 Coliseum stage for a special motion capture panel where they revealed some more footage - this time of an important emotional scene in which both improvised performances raise the bar in game acting!

Here are the other goodies that have been released...

Extended gameplay with no commentary.

Jungle and tsunami gameplay (includes scene from the E3 Coliseum panel).

Shadow of the Tomb Raider comes out on 14th September on Xbox One, PS4 and PC!

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