"Hunted" Finally Released!!

November 16, 2016 Kate Sykes 2 Comments

This project started in August of 2013. Two long time US cosplayer friends of mine Annie Roig-Pate (The Cosplay Mom) and Sara Croft (of had planned to meet across states to do a cosplay photoshoot (and evidently a fan film, unbeknown to me at the time) as Lara Croft and Sam Nishimura from the Tomb Raider reboot. Annie, also an experienced actress, and I had wanted to work on a project together for a long time. I came up with a short film script based on the game, pitched it to the ladies and they were very enthusiastic!

After that, the project evolved. Annie's husband Josh came onboard to play the part of Mathias and to direct. Then Carla Lemley (Carla Croft Cosplay), another long time cosplayer from yet another state was set to play Himiko and my Mum spent around £200 to make her costume and sent it to the States with some extra goodies.

Early the following year, the team met in Annie's and Josh's then hometown in Maine for a week of filming after a breakdown on the highway.
There was no budget. The only money came out of the cast and crews pockets and they worked very hard to create props and sets true to the game. Filming didn't go to plan, however. They were hit by a blizzard just days before and it was often too dangerous to go out and film.
By the end of the week, when Sara and Carla were returning home, only the end scene had been filmed (for which they all hiked over a mile through the woods in 2 inches of snow carrying tons of props and equipment). It was still overall a positive experience for the team as it was the first time they had all met in person.

After that, time and money ran out. Annie's family moved home and we all started thinking the film would never be finished. Then last year in passing conversation, the project was mentioned to Dylan Riley - a director friend of Annie's and Josh's - and he offered to help. Sara returned to Maine and everything was refilmed. Two more friends came onboard to help and Sara also took up the mantle to be Himiko as Carla couldn't make it back (but her original scream was kept). After a trip to A&E following a fight scene, and a few pick-up shots in the following months, it was a wrap!

Dylan directed and edited the film in his own time and it's finally here! The first of my scripts to come to life! It has been a long road and we felt everything was against us at times but we are so pleased it's now out in the open.

I really hope you enjoy it and please share and subscribe to our film's Youtube channel for more videos coming soon.

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  1. That definitely sounds like what would describe as a "troubled production" but I am really glad for you that it all came together and 'Hunted' did get finished. Well done to everyone involved.