New Info on Hollywood's Tomb Raider Reboot

November 25, 2016 Kate Sykes 0 Comments

Though we knew the new film would fall within the rebooted franchise, so far there has been very little info as to whether there would be a completely new origin story for Lara Croft (played by Ocar winning actress Alicia Vikander) or if it would stay true to the games.
In an exclusive video interview with HeyUGuys this week, producer Graham King shed a little more light on the subject.
King said that Lara will be searching for the truth as to whether or not her father is alive.
This suggests the film will have a touch of a more original story, rather than following that of the 2013 game directly.
We'll have to wait and see if that's the case.

The Tomb Raider film reboot is written by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and directed by Roar Uthaug.
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