Cosplay Corner: Devante Jones

October 27, 2017 Kate Sykes 1 Comments

Welcome to the Cosplay Corner, a new feature where we spotlight cosplayers and talk to them about their craft.
First is the talented Devante Jones! Devante is a professional male model based in Alabama who moonlights as his own personification of the Croft hero.
He has also starred in two Tomb Raider fan films with a twist, both of which he wrote.
We thank him for taking the time to talk to us!

TDD: How did you find cosplay and what was the initial inspiration for portraying a male Croft?
DJ: I found cosplay by seeing other people dress up but never understood why until I found my passion for it. I am inspired by Lara Croft because I see a lot of traits in her that I see within myself. She is very strong physically and mentally, very curious, intelligent, adventures, and brave. I relate to her.
She has been a positive role in my life and I have enjoyed her. I realized that she didn't just have an impact on females but males as well and people of all nationalities, religion, race, and gender. 
I started dressing up as her because I feel like her through spirit. Now I understand why people cosplay.

How do you choose a historical object or event as a base for your fan films?
DJ: The idea of a fan film came about when I started to post about my cosplay pictures and someone just randomly messaged me and just asked if I thought about doing a little short film of my cosplay.
It was an idea and I took on the project to make a fan film and being a male version was something no one had seen before so it was fascinating to make one. I feel as though I broke barriers.

TDD: How did the idea to make a fan film come about?
DJ: For "Tomb Raider: The Skull of Híízgo", the story was based around a real Indian tribe by the name of Abenaki who lived in Canada. I just merged my ideas with a powerful skull in the mixed of the time that they were around.
My latest film "Guardian of the Tomb Raider" was based around a Greek figure by the name of Arminius who was a real warrior for the Cherusci Warriors back in 9 A.D and I merged my idea of the sword he wielded as a supernatural sword that was hidden inside a cave during the war with the Cherusci Warriors.

TDD: Has cosplay changed your life in any way?
DJ: Cosplay has definitely changed my life in a way that I've been able to meet amazing people in the Tomb Raider community and to be a part of it and to also be able to travel to Comic Con events where I'm amongst people like me. Also it has made me appreciate the franchise even more and has helped me discover hidden skills that I didn't know I had like crafting, painting, sculpting, and film writing for my fan films.

TDD: You seem to have an intense regime for keeping fit. Any advice for cosplayers who want to get in better shape?
DJ: Yes I do have a regime ha ha. It's about knowing your body and knowing what you can and can not eat! Also it's about minimizing your intake of your food. Also working out about 5 days a week will help to keep a better way of living for yourself.

TDD: What would you say to any male cosplayers out there who want to do gender bend costumes?
DJ: I would say go for it and make a change and a difference! We live in a day and time where people and society are diverse - and it should be that way. If you feel as though a character has inspired you, just put yourself out there and don't be ashamed to be a male version of a female character. It's about your perception and how you feel in your cosplay and not what others think.

TDD: We have to ask. Any more fan films planned?
DJ: Yes! I would love to do another cosplay film and as of right now I am brainstorming for new ideas and possibly a crossover cosplay film hopefully will come to life with another character such as Nathan Drake from Uncharted. That would be amazing!

Check out his fan films below...

Also, be sure to follow Devante's Facebook page!

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  1. Fruitbat44:
    I'm not particularly a fan of gender bent cosplay, but that said DJ is totally rocking the Lara look. Well done to him.